Haider Farman: “Kurash- World series Pro” es la base del sistema de torneos profesionales / Haider Farman: “Kurash- World series Pro” is the basis of the system of professional tournaments


Haider Farman: “Kurash- World series Pro” is the basis of the system of professional tournaments

As you know, the 12th Asian Senior Kurash Championship will start tomorrow in Hangzhou, China.
About 400 participants from 24 countries of our continent will participate in the championship.
After the end of the championship, on April 30, the Asian qualifying round of the international tournament “Kurash-World Series Pro” for the prize of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan will be held.
Winners (Gold and Silver medalists) in 7 weight categories will receive cash prizes and tickets to the finals of this tournament.
Today, an online meeting was held with the participation of the President of the International Kurash Association Haider Farman to organize the continental championship, seminar of kurash coaches and referees, and hold this international tournament at a high level.
At the meeting organized through the Zoom platform, Adham Ikramov, the First Vice-President of IKA, Minister of Youth Policy and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan, IKA Vice-Presidents Ziyoviddin Khodjiniyazov, Merabi Iliades, Oybek Kasimov, Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan, Reza Nassiri, Secretary General of IKA, Technical Director, Head of IKA Administration Mansur Mirzaev, Rector of International Kurash Institute Khabibulla Tadjiev, Deputy Chairman of Uzbekistan Kurash Federation Bakhtiyor Kadirov, representative of the federation Sardor Karimov took part.
Speaking at the meeting, Adkham Ikramov sincerely congratulated everyone on the big kurash festival that will begin in Hangzhou. He recognized that the ongoing continental championship and international tournaments are important for the further popularization of kurash.
He expressed his gratitude to the IKA President and the Organizing Committee of the 19th Asian Games, who are the leaders in holding these events at the highest level.
The President of IKA, Mr. Farman, expressed his opinion about the importance of this tournament: “Kurash – World series Pro” informed that it is held on the basis of the new form of International Kurash tournaments and the experience of professional tournaments.
It was recognized that this system is important because it creates an equal opportunity for athletes from all continents.
The meeting was held in a cordial spirit and many organizational issues were agreed upon.