International Kurash Association Refereeing Webinar for Panamerica On this May 21, 2021, at 18.30 Local time representatives from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Haiti, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Paraguay took part.
The course was taught by Professor Franklin Perez who is the Technical Director of the Dominican Kurash Federation (Fedokurash). The event was organized by the Pan American Kurash Union (PKU) in collaboration of IKA Chaired by the Dominican citizen Jaime Casanova Martinez and the collaboration of the Dominican Kurash Federation (Fedokurash) whose main executive is Professor Israel Caraballo Jimenez.
The Webinar was attended by Mr. Ray Nassiri Technical Director of the International Kurash Association (IKA) whom is currently in Uzbekistan ( 03.30 a.m) He welcomed all to the Seminar and Explained about the Visions of IKA President Mr.Farman on development program for other continents specially Pan America Union as well as the new Program of the IKI International Kurash Institute development program set to deploy courses as of 2022 to all continents .
Also Mr. Nassiri thanked Mr. Casanova for the hard work he has been doing to keep Kurash active and develop Kurash as President Continent.
Also I would like to thank Mr. Ravi Kapoor Chairman of the IKA Refereeing Committee for attending (4:00 a.m.). Mr. Kapoor also made a welcome speech and explained about the Covid 19 situation and about educational program for the referees in 2022.
Around 30 people from all over America received the information on the latest modifications of the Kurash Refereeing Rules.
Important pesonalities linked to the activitiy of Kurash were present in the webinar course, among them, Lizardo Suazo, Elizabeth Thompson, Pablo Cosentino, Jose Soca Montero, Carlos Lopez, Ulrick Charles-Louis, Luis Enrique Bogantes, Diego Alvarado Fallas, among others.
Te is the first joint Webinair between IKA and PKU in the history of Kurash.