Monte Plata, Dominican Republic.- “It is a real pleasure to open the kurash competitions in the framework of these IX School Games in this hospitable city of Monte Plata,” said Professor Israel Caraballo Jimenez, president of the Dominican Federation of Kurash, Fedokurash, leaving the fighting of the discipline of Uzbek origin which is very popular throughout Central Asia.

The parade of the participating teams and the intonation of the national anthem preceded the central words of Caraballo Jimenez who was accompanied at the main table of engineer Jaime Casanova Martinez and Dr. Alquimedes Ortiz Cruz who are president of the Panamerican Kurash Union and vice president of the Fedokurash, respectively.

At full house and with a vibrant public, the fighting took place where Wilkin Trinidad won the golden medal followed by Jeffrey Ruiz with the silver medal and third place for Ransell Rosario and Fernando Martinez in the 55 kilograms of the men’s branch.

The 60 kilograms of men were won by Isangel de Jesus and gold medal, Peter Eufrates with the silver medal to correspond to the bronze medal to Juan Carlos Moreno of the discipline that is considered as the Mother of all Martial Arts.

On the other hand Angel Miguel Encarnacion won the aurifera in the 73 kilograms male followed by Miguel Liranzo who won the silver and Rigoberto Neris with the bronze in the competitions that took place in the Multipurpose Pavilion of this province.

The difficult weight category of 81 kilograms was won by Gabriel Vizcaino for Rafael Vargas to win the silver and Francisco Gil with the bronze in the event where athletes of school age from 15 to 18 years participated.

The female branch of the 57 kilograms Yailyn Rodriguez was first followed by Katerin Tapia with the beach and Yadira Zorilla with the bronze in this sport where the competitions of this sex are prioritized in national, regional, continental and world events.

In the 52 kilograms of women Wilmery Mendoza obtained  the gold medal corresponding  to Anabely Liranzo the silver  medal and Ana Maria Sanchez  the bronze of the discipline  that in 2018 was officially  received in the XVIII Asian Games.

The Metropolitan was crowned champion of the day with 5 gold medals, one silver and the same amount of bronze to total 511 points in this ninth version of the School Games  held from December 5 to 14,  2019.

For its part, the Northern  Zone won the second  position of the fair  with a gold, 5  silver and the same  amount of bronze  to add 155 points in a contest where representations of the  Mirabal Sisters Province, La Vega, the National District,

San Cristobal, among others, saw action. The Sixth Zone, Monte Plata, won a solo bronze medal which earned him the third position of the national fair that was developed in this city and other provincial municipalities with more than 3000 athletes and with 24 disciplines and 5 exhibitions.

Jaime Casanova Martinez

The athletic competition was directed by Fanny Ocasia Bello and the arbitration by Franklin Perez having as arbitrators Manuel Guerrero, Elvis Mateo and Julio Villa who provided justice in accordance with the competition  regulations of the International Kurash Assoacition, IKA,  body rector of this discipline worldwide and is chaired by Kuwaiti citizen Haider Farman. A great presence of the sports press in its aspects of radio, television, written press and dissemination in the different social networks accompanied the fierce fighting of both exes all the way on a day full of emotions. Both athletes and coaches, referees, technical staff and collaborators of the discipline said they were extremely satisfied with the reception of the Ministry of Education and its incumbent Antonio Peña Mirabal through the Director of the National Institute of Physical Education, Inefi, Mr.  Jorge Minaya in host the discipline of kurash in these 2019 School Games.

The same recognition they had for the Technical Director of these IX School Games 2019 Professor Juan Antonio Febles Dalmasi who is at all times was attentive to the requirements of the discipline to achieve effective participation.

Monte Plata, Dominican Republic. 10th of December 2019.