Kurash Paintings Presentation Date for Panamerican Contest Closes.

Kurash Paintings Presentation Date for Pan American Contest Closes
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.- The architect Juan Eligio Barcelo reported that the students practicing this discipline sent their respective drawings and paintings with the theme Kurash according to the call made by this Panamerican Kurash Union on July 17, 2020.
In the aforementioned call, free participation was indicated for children and young people from anywhere in the world in 8 1/2 X 11 inch format.
The presentation is free and drawings or paintings in graphite and colored pencils, watercolors, among other modalities are accepted.
In this way we have received different drawings from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, among others.
Some of those who participate are Fabiana Bonilla, Romina Curiche Bellazzi, Josemir Herrera, Pablo Alcaino Bustamante, Roberto Pinilla, Javier Muñoz Carrasco, Francisco Marambio, Elizabeth Thompson Fantuzzi, Andrés Naranjo Gutiérrez, Iván Del Pino, Malú Pavani, Lara Riusech, Ann Twacy Roberte Justin, Marta Villa Velásquez, Milagros Herrera, Sonia Villarroel, Silvia Díaz, Rafael David Perez, Diego and Ana Díaz, among others.
From now on, the jury chaired by the architect Juan Eligió Barcelo will begin the work to select the winners of the different categories who will receive the corresponding prizes.
«This is an initiative that unites peoples with sports and culture which are expressed in this» Painting Contest «with the Kurash Theme, said the architect Barcelo upon receiving the drawings.
Note: Annex some of the drawings presented.